Why outsource

In our global world, sending employees on an international assignment involves important challenges, both for the company and for the employee and his family.

Be Welcome relieves you from the many legal, practical and cultural matters. We keep the overview and manage for you the multiple issues involved in a relocation project or in the set-up of your company.

Our support will contribute to:

Legal Compliance

When it comes to international employment, being compliant with both the Belgian and the international legislation is indispensable. Our legal experts will thoroughly analyze your case, provide you with a clear, detailed advice and support you in each step of the process. So you avoid the risk of illegalities related to work, residence, social security, health insurance, tax …

Relieve HR

Relocating international employees requires expertise in many domains. We take away the time consuming and irregular workload and assist HR in unexpected problem solving.

As an external party, we can provide honest, sometimes sensitive advice towards the employee and his family, in a diplomatic and professional way, respecting the cultural differences.

Important Cost Savings

Failures in legal processes cost time and money. Doing it right from the first moment will avoid the risk of refusal or expiry of your permits.

Even so in selecting housing, taking out insurances, … Our professional selection based on experience and knowledge of the local market will bring you important cost savings.

Higher Employee Effectiveness

The aim is that an employee can focus on his core job, as from the first moment, not losing time in finding out how things work out in relation to his new environment. We will clearly inform him on what to do when and monitor the full process based on a detailed project planning.

Higher Employee Satisfaction

Being well informed and supported in the process of a new employment in a new international environment gives a peace of mind and confidence. Research confirms the importance of feeling supported by the company, reflected in overall wellbeing and performance.

A happy expat is a productive expat!

Corporate Image

As a company you make important investments in foreign assignments, attracting and selecting the best people for the job.

A professional approach and structured support are part of the total remuneration package and will contribute to a positive corporate image.