Practical Relocation Services

Relocating to a new country involves important challenges both for the company and for the employee and his family.

Be Welcome provides professional relocation services, and relieves the company of all organizational matters, contributing to cost and time savings.
We take care of expatriates and their families, making them settled, but above all, making them feel at home in their new environment.

The key to a smooth transition is good information and a structured approach.

Pre-arrival Orientation

Before you even leave to Belgium, we will take away many of your doubts and worries. Through a personal video call we discuss your personal needs and time line.
A Project Planning will list the detailed steps to manage your expectations : who does what & when.

Housing &Temporary Residence

Finding the right place to live is a key concern. We support you at each step in making the right choice at the right price: Map suitable living locations, guided visits, signing the lease contract, assist entrance survey, full follow-up with the owner, set-up of insurances, utility connections, furniture renting or buying, …based your personal needs.

Moving & Personal Belongings

We will assure the correct moving party, and coordinate the move of your house hold goods till all is into place. Based on our knowledge of the local market, our field consultants can further assist in furniture buying or renting, according to your wish.


Once arrived, many questions will raise related to daily live in your new environment. We offer a package of personalized “on demand” support, helping you with a variety of organizational matters : waste disposal, mobile phone apps, finding a handyman, , consulting a doctor, sport facilities, hobbies, cleaning services, public transport …

Bank Account

We assist in opening local bank accounts, providing guidance on required documentation and ensuring a smooth process for managing your finances in Belgium.

Health Insurance Affiliation & Child Benefit

Affiliation with the Belgian health insurance fund is an important legal matter, based on being an employee, family member, self employed, cross-boarder, secondment,… We guide you through the total affiliation process. So we ensure your legal entitlement to your health coverage and child benefit.

Schooling Assistance

Whether you are looking for an international or a local school, we will provide the necessary information on the different possibilities to look at. We will take care of introduction to the schools, arrange intake with the headmaster, assist in the selection and follow-up with application forms and admission fees.

Town Hall Registration

Our experienced consultants are familiar with the local administrative and legal practices at the town hall.
They will assist you in person with the procedures, appointments and visits and make it for you a smooth process till you are in possession of the correct documents and permits.

Driving Licence & Transport Assistance

Our legal experts will provide you the correct legal advice related to the validity and use of your driving license in Belgium.
We will support you with the registration at the local authorities or coordinate exams.
In case you want to import or purchase a car, we provide all support needed.

Partner Job Finding & Language Training

Many of the joining partners will be interested in also finding a job on the local Belgian market or starting a self-employed business. Be Welcome will assist in introduction to the labour market, review CV, support in the necessary permits and affiliations.

Cultural trainings

Cultural Integration Training

We developed a unique training, full of information on living in Belgium, local habits, practical guidelines, for new employees and their partners. Our clients testify :” this exciting training helped us to remove some of the obstacles, avoiding cultural misunderstandings and feeling confidently both in daily live as well as on the work floor.”

Departure Services

Once your stay or employment in Belgium is about to end Be Welcome makes sure that all necessary formalities are being completed on a legal and practical basis: Deregistration at the town hall, cancellation at authorities for employment, tax and social security ; cancellation of lease, utilities and insurances ; outgoing survey,… So you can trust no detail is overlooked.