Legal Services

Legal compliance is the cornerstone of a successful international project. When it comes to international employment, being compliant with the home and host country legislation is indispensable.

Our team of legal experts will provide you with clear advice and detailed instructions on the full process and all subsequent steps, for each of the below services.

We will take care of execution & legal verification of documents and submit the necessary applications on your behalf. We will keep the overview and manage the total process, relying on our broad network of professional contacts with the several authorities.

The key to a smooth transition is good information and a structured approach.

Employment Permits, Professional Cards & Residence Permits

Navigating the complexities of immigration requires expert guidance. Our team assists individuals and businesses in obtaining necessary permits for working and residing in Belgium, ensuring a smooth transition and compliance with Belgian regulations.

Cross-Border Workers & Temporary Assignments

For individuals working across borders or those in temporary roles, we provide specialized support in managing cross-border employment regulations, secondments, and traineeships, ensuring all legal requirements are met.

Social Security, Health Insurance & Child Benefit

Our comprehensive services cover all aspects of social security, including health insurance, Limosa declarations, Certificates of Coverage (COC), A1 certificates, Article 3 exemptions, child benefits, …

Family Reunification

We understand the importance of family unity. Our team assists in navigating the complex process of family reunification, helping loved ones secure the necessary visas and permits to join you in Belgium.

Visa Application

Securing the right visa is a crucial step. Our knowledgeable consultants guide you through the visa application process, ensuring all documentation is accurate and complete for a successful outcome.

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Tax Declaration & Special Tax Regime

Our experienced tax professionals assist with filing your tax declarations, ensuring compliance with local tax laws and taking advantage of any applicable special tax regimes to optimize your financial situation.

Permanent Residence & Belgian Nationality

For those seeking long-term residence or Belgian citizenship, we offer expert assistance in navigating the legal requirements, application processes, and documentation, ensuring a smooth transition to your new status.

Employment Law

With our expertise in employment law, we review and advise on employment agreements, company policies, work regulations, and dismissal procedures, ensuring your rights and interests are protected.

Foreign Investors & Self-employment

We support foreign investors and self-employed individuals in setting up their legal entities, ensuring compliance with local regulations and facilitating a successful start to your business venture.

HR Team Support

We provide strategic global mobility solutions for your business: screening, review, and optimization of expat policies and processes; on-site training and advice for your HR team. This will allow you to streamline your international staffing needs and minimize costs.

Opening Bank Account

We assist in opening local bank accounts, providing guidance on required documentation and ensuring a smooth process for managing your finances in Belgium.

Driving Licence

Our consultants guide you through the process of obtaining a Belgian driving licence, from application requirements to navigating any necessary tests or documentation.

iStart Desk

A “one-stop” solution for foreign investors, setting up a business in Belgium. Through iStart Desk we offer Legal Services related to the set-up of your legal entity, including full support in international employment, immigration, social security & tax. We provide flexible Office Space Solutions and set-up of a Registered Address.