Cultural Integration Training

A guide to Belgium, its people and living here

Who should attend?

  • employees and their partners arriving in Belgium;
  • short term assignees; commuters; students; …
  • foreign delegations, multicultural teams and groups


  • Understand culture shock and how to deal with it
  • Remove some barriers due to cultural differences
  • Get to know the country, some history, facts and figures
  • Become familiar with the Belgian identity, the people, their values & their habits
  • Receive practical guidelines and tips related to day-to-day life

Set-up & Methodology

  • 1 day training = balance between efficiency and maximal information
  • Lively presentation, based on experience and profound research, alternating with interactive discussions, exercises, information sharing
  • Off-site location at Be Welcome’s Training location or in-house at your company
  • Preferably shortly after arrival in Belgium
  • Personalized approach, small groups
  • Open seminars or tailor made by company
  • Inclusive hand-outs, Be Welcome’s booklet “Practical guidelines & tips to discover Belgium
  • Real-life or remotely


What’s in it for the expats, their family and their company?

International Mobility is common sense these days. Relocation abroad is a huge step and a challenge: changes to a new environment, a different language, another climate, a new school for the children… The target of a Cultural Training is to gain knowledge of the new culture and to avoid misunderstandings. Practical strategies which will facilitate integration. We make you feel at home. A well prepared expat with a happy family will maximise success and minimise failures of foreign assignments!

Some of the many questions that will be answered:

  • How do I avoid a culture shock?
  • Dealing with cultural differences and avoiding misunderstandings
  • Tips and advise for integration
  • What are Belgian people like? All about the Belgian identity!
  • How does Belgian history determine the Belgian identity today?
  • What’s the difference between Flanders and Wallonia?
  • Local habits and society
  • How many governments does Belgium have?
  • What to do when I am invited to a Belgian party?
  • How to find a doctor?
  • How and when to use a SIS-card
  • How to use the public transport?
  • How do I recycle my garbage?
  • Belgian traffic! Dangerous?
  • How to avoid fines
  • Where do I buy the Belgian chocolate?
  • What to visit, what to eat, what to drink in Belgium and around?
  • And much more….



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