Cultural Training

Relocation to a new country, living in a new culture, working in a new environment… Cultural Training will help to remove some of the obstacles, avoid cultural misunderstandings and enhance the integration, both in daily live as well as on the work floor.

As a company, supporting your employees in intercultural skills is of inestimable value, enhancing well-being, productivity, mutual understanding, team work, avoiding early returns.

Our trainings are based on profound understanding of foreign cultures combined with research and study, appreciated by all participants as a very helpful tool.

Cultural Integration Training


A guide to Belgium, its people and living here

A unique Cultural Training, with a focus on
day-to-day life in Belgium, practical information and cultural differences, enhancing the integration of expats and their family in the new environment.


Intercultural Management Training


A guide to working in a Belgian or multicultural environment

A personalised Cultural Training, with a focus on cultural differences and practical guidelines on the work floor, supporting employees working in or leading a multicultural team, working together effectively in a cultural diverse environment.

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August 10 2021