Pre-move assistance

For people considering a short or longer stay in Belgium, Be Welcome will organize a pre-move information session and visiting tour.
It will give the expatriates a better understanding of their needs and requirements and it will already give them a good idea of the day-to-day life in Belgium.

A personal relocation form will be drawn up in order to ensure maximum correlation between our services and the client’s needs/requirements

The pre-move assistance will take 1 or 2 days, or can be offered by e-mail:

The program consists of:

  • Pre-arrival information:
    Based on your personal relocation form, we will set up a visiting schedule that will be sent to the expatriates and their family prior to their arrival day.
  • Welcome and general information:
    Welcoming the family on their arrival (airport, train station, …) and transferring to the selected accommodation (hotel, …) where we arrange a general information session on day-to-day life in Belgium as an introduction to their future “guest country”.
  • General visiting tour:
    Depending upon requirements, we guide the family in a car tour to residential areas, schools, shopping malls, and sport complexes, …
  • Specific housing or accommodation assistance:
    In addition to the overview of the selected surrounding areas, we can provide further information on available accommodation as an introduction to the specific housing assistance program. (See 3. Housing)