Additional assistance

In addition to the right place to live, there are a lot of other day-to-day issues that can make your life in Belgium a lot more comfortable if they are arranged in a quick and practical way.

Therefore Be Welcome provides assistance with the following issues:

  • Legal and administrative assistance:
    We will assist in obtaining all the necessary legal documents e.g. working permit, residence permit, town hall registration, visas, ID, social security registration, driving license, ...
  • Health care and social security:
    We will assist in subscribing to the medical insurance system and guide the family through the formalities in the social services environment.
  • Schooling assistance:
    Whether the expatriate and his family are looking for international or local education, adult or child education, specific courses such as dance, music, arts, language courses, cross cultural trainings, ...
    We will provide the necessary information on different education possibilities and schools in the expatriate's living area. We will take care of introduction to the school, arranging interviews with headmasters, and assist in selecting the school. We will provide follow-up help with application forms and admission fees.
  • Transport assistance:
    • Car import
      When bringing the personal car into Belgium, we can make sure that all necessary documents and procedures are handled quickly and correctly: custom clearance, technical conformity, tax registration, insurance, ...
    • Other
      Purchasing cars (new or second hand), use of public transport, bikes, private chauffeurs, ...
      We will provide the necessary information on the different possibilities, assist in the buying process and supply information on local regulations, to make sure the expatriate and his family can benefit from maximum mobility during their stay.
  • Spouse job finding assistance:
    Be welcome has excellent contacts with the necessary parties in order to offer you full information and support in this domain.